Jung leader knows everything Baro-san(esp. when there’s mirror so he sees you creeping on him ok)
Jung leader knows everything Baro-san
(esp. when there’s mirror so he sees you creeping on him ok)


the people behind k-pop

director duo digipedi

why are you on semi-hiatus?



please watch all of this guy’s videos all he does is cover kpop songs

raina in my copycat

Gongchan kissed on Sandeul’s head !?

in tribute to ladies’ code - go eunbi + kwon risae | a playlist dedicated to ladies’ code. may eunbi and risae rest in peace. you’re all such talented and beautiful girls. may you watch us from above with a smile.

i’m fine thank you - ladies’ code  | finally - j-min| i dream - 15&| little star - akmu |  memories - infinite| complete - snsd | fairytale love - apink | it’s because i miss you today - davichi | melted - akmu | set me free - taeyeon | indestructible - snsd | dear, mom - snsd | be the light - block b | thank you :) - 4minute | come back home (unplugged version) - 2ne1

권리세닷컴 | do not edit.

Again, another beautiful, talented girl has been taken from us. This is without a doubt the most tragic thing I’ve witnessed during my time as a kpop fan. Rest in peace, Kwon Risae. Your Lavelies will keep you in their hearts no matter what. ♡

once a lady, forever a lady.

i cry, just for today
i hope you’re forever happy, good-bye
it’s okay if you smile sometimes when you think of me
i’m fine thank you, thank you

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